William McVay – a life in film

Another Life Film is the brainchild of founder, William McVay, graduate of the University of Southern California San Diego’s film studies program. William has spent his life in the pursuit of promoting and creating quality motion pictures that inspire and engage. This website is his way of sharing a lifelong passion for film and its awesome power to speak to the human condition. As a child, William lost himself in the endless worlds offered by motion pictures. From the vivid animations of Merry Melodies, to the classic works of Golden Age cinema, to the Westerns of Clint Eastwood, he discovered his vocation as a filmmaker. The world of television has also deeply inspired William’s work. As with film, the medium of television provided him with a rich, imaginative field from which to grow his unique creative vision. Its endless opportunity for fresh ideas and narrative innovation continue to lead him in new directions and inspire his ever-evolving approach to the art of film. His youthful interest in cinema led William to the campus of UCSD. Here, his passion took wings, as the world of film opened up to him. From Hollywood to Latin America, to distant China, he learned that the world of film was deeper and broader than even his fertile imagination allowed. With the tools of his craft under his belt, William entered the exciting world of motion pictures following graduation and never looked back. William’s most beloved genre is comedy, a universal language transcending all boundaries and joining people together in laughter. He believes that humour is the world’s most ardent ambassador of goodwill. As founder of Another Life Film, William McVay is pleased to welcome you to his world. Thank you for joining him on his continuing journey of cinematic and creative celebration.